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Hot Russian blonde does queening

Undress, lay down on the bench and prepare to taste some smelly pussy - that's the way Russian Mistress Dasha talks to her queening slave. This sexy blonde is wearing kinky red dress during the facesitting episode. Beautiful young lady have prepared everything to show you the finest smothering you've ever going see on the Internet.

Hot girl not only going to humiliate the male slave with her cunt, but she is also going to torment him a bit: watch her smoking and using his mouth as an ash tray in the full version of this queening episode that is available at Hottest Facesitting.

Here comes the time for real fun and the first thing facesitting bitch does - is wraps slave's cock with bondage rope. I guess this is going to add some bondage kinky to the action. Queening bench is in place and submissive slave got his mouth gagged with her red panties. It tales dominatrix just a few seconds to get on top of his face with her pretty shaved pussy. Queening is one of the most perverted types of femdom!

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