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Blonde girl in lingerie queening her slave

Let's get to something more exiting today. What about a young lady queening her slave in lingerie? Well… I've recently found a new website Brutal Facesitting that is fully devoted to bizarre images of pretty girls facesitting and queening male subs. I hope you'll like the stuff they offer!

Here she is - beautiful blonde goddess that is looking forward to punish her silent slave. The girl is dressed very sexy: her curvy body looks sexy in lingerie while there is tight leather boots on her feet. Note a whip in girl's hands. She is ready for the queening action.

Male slave is undressed and put on his back in the armchair. This pose will allow him to feel the warm pussy and smell it as close as it possible. With just a few moves queening lady goes on top of her sub and uses her cunt as it was planned before.

Would you like to trade places with that boy to feel the wet pussy through panties? To be dominated with high heel leather boots and smothered by blonde beauty? If you'd use you tongue properly and pleasure the mistress I guess she'd allow you to come on her boots. Would you like to?

It was just a tiny preview, but you can see more sample pictures in the gallery: Queening in lingerie. There is a full version of this story available at Brutal Facesitting website. Hi-definition movie and picture gallery will show you every second of this queening experience. Please use banner below to go there and start watching!

Mature lady queening naked slave

Lady Sonia is not only one of the world's hottest mature pantyhose models, but this MILF is a great queeing fan also. Being a bitchy femdom mistress for leggy goddess is just so natural. Controlling helpless male slaves with facesitting is one of Sonia's favorite femdom methods.

I've got a few samples here to show you how beautiful this older lady is. I hope you'll like this queening episode, because it is really nice and full of erotic passion.

Lady Sonia got her slave undressed and put on the floor. Femdom dominatrix is wearing tight blue jeans and wonderful white shirt. Can you stand those sexy breasts of her? I just can't think about anything else than about grabbing them with my arms!

The queening torment starts with gentle facesitting and then goes harder. Mature babe is getting hotter and hotter within every second and, finally, she is brought to the very edge of orgasm. Submissive mature slave uses his tongue to pleasure his mistress through the jeans. Sonia takes out her perfect boobs at the very end, squeezes them with her arms and uses the slave teasing.

I don't want to spoil all the joy of watching the movie of this queening scene. You should go to Lady Sonia official site and enjoy the whole episode with your own eyes. I just can't express the moment when Sonia allows her slave to cum on her tits! Seeing this mature mom eating hot cum is simply wonderful! Use the banner below to access the video and 50 pictures of this queening story.

About queening

Queening, also known as facesitting, is a sexual activity in which dominating female sits over the male sub face, generally to allow or force oral contact, or to boost ass or pussy worship. This kind of slave humiliation is a part of BDSM, that involves domination and submission, although this is not required. Inside the BDSM context, queening might be an special� form of sexy humiliation and training.

Queening is widely used by dominant and enslaved persons, for establishing supermacy and for erotic satisfaction. It is also used by couples for oral sex where the dominatrix bends over the male, and rides his upper chest rather than just face.

Different than smothering, in queening the dominated slave is not limited in breathing.

Body pressure, wet skin, erotic smell and blindfolding is a powerful sexual attractions or compulsions. The human used for queening can be put in bondage, dominated, or just restrained with the body-weight of the queening person. Specially designed furniture is used commonly. Queening stool is the most popular device used during facesitting.

Queening chair is a special seat which is placed over the slave face and has a special hole that allows oral stimulation of the dominatrix while she is sitting. Most of the queening chairs gives open access to the crotch area of the sitting person. The sitting pose makes it easier for the pelvic floor muscles to relax and helps exposing the clitor. The queening chair is also can be called as "smotherbox," which also gives the ability to the dominated human to be restrained in motions, and collared by the neck as in BDSM stocks.

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