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Queening and facesitting by sexy Russian mistress

Undress, lay down on the bench and prepare to taste some smelly pussy - that's the way Russian Mistress Dasha talks to her queening slave. This sexy blonde is wearing kinky red dress during the facesitting episode. Beautiful young lady have prepared everything to show you the finest smothering you've ever going see on the Internet.

Hot girl not only going to humiliate the male slave with her cunt, but she is also going to torment him a bit: watch her smoking and using his mouth as an ash tray in the full version of this queening episode that is available at Hottest Facesitting.

Here comes the time for real fun and the first thing facesitting bitch does - is wraps slave's cock with bondage rope. I guess this is going to add some bondage kinky to the action. Queening bench is in place and submissive slave got his mouth gagged with her red panties. It tales dominatrix just a few seconds to get on top of his face with her pretty shaved pussy. Queening is one of the most perverted types of femdom!

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Women of dominating tupe loves the queening action

Meeting girls on streets could be dangerous. Have you ever though a pretty girl you've just met on the street can be of dominating type? When inviting her to your place it turns out that you lying naked and tied up on the bed and the girl is riding your face with her shaved cunt! Would you like to be a subject of a queening femdom story?

Well it turns out that the guy on these pictures loves being smothered by a young blonde. He lies quietly while the mistress takes off her clothes. Girl is dressed in very sexy pink lingerie and the first queening is done while she is wearing panties (check out more free preview pictures).

The femdom slave is exited with the smell of young pussy and he is using his tongue to please the dominatrix. Getting her clitor stimulated, sexy babe got wet is seconds! With all of her clothes and lingerie been taken off we can enjoy the beauty of her hard body. Queening female looks gorgeous!

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Male got queening humiliation during a medical study

Queening and facesitting are usually considered as a part of BDSM powerplay. There are some couples who do smothering while playing in bed, but the fact is that any male could become a subject of queening in everyday life! I've got a few secret pictures here today that proves my opinion.

You might not believe me, but everything you see on the photos is happening in doctor office! That bitchy looking lady in black stockings is a doctor, who is studying male sexuality. You can't clearly see it on these pictures (but you can access more of them here) that the test subject is having sensors put all over his head to measure brain waves. The only problem with this experiment is that male should be sexually exited in order for the test to be successful. Lady doctor has nothing to do but to take her clothes off and use her cunt as a queening device.

There is another kinky thing about this scene I want to mention, except than naked doctor riding her patient face. There is another lady in the room who is taking the measurements. She is carrying notebook and looks like a scientist. It looks to me that she is getting interested in the action and her pussy is wet already. Who knows what's in her mind: maybe just an erotic CFNM femdom fantasy or she want to fuck for real?There will be no surprise for me if she'd jump out of her clothes and join the queening couple in just a mew seconds. Seeing two beautiful doctors facesitting one man is a real deal and I just don't want to think how hot the following action could be!

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Lucky fedmom slave received queening punishment form sexy blonde

Some guys just can't do it the normal way! Those kinds of femdom slaves are requires to be dominated and punished by woman to reach the orgasm. I was really thrilled with the fact that most of the women CAN and LOVE dominating men. Bondage, facesitting and queening are the things that commonly used when a couple spending time in a bedroom. We are lucky that Brutal Facesitting website is doing a great job by providing you with first class pictures and movies of submissive male slaves getting punished by beautiful girls.

Here is one of those sissy slaves, who is looking forward to taste new pussy with his lips while being tied spread eagle in his bed. He is lucky to have a beautiful blonde dominatrix to do these filthy things to him. It might have been an ugly mature patyhose fattie and you just don't want to think how perverted it would be to be punished by her. But luckinly, today's lady is young and beautiful and getting queening punishment from a lovely mistress like this one is a pure pleasure!

Blonde lady starts by tying her slave on the bed with his face up. Dominating lady is wearing beautiful lingerie set for the scene. I almost can smell of her body and feel the warm of her skin. It looks to me that the girl is a professional in the field of femdom queening, because she does facesitting with confidence.

Blonde dominatrix is getting really exited as the action goes on. Queening babe gets wet really soon so she takes off her panties to let her facesitting slave to fuck her with his tongue. I really enjoyed the way slave pleasures that shaved cunt with nothing but his mouth in the uncut movie provided by Brutal Facesitting. You can watch it instantly! All you have to do is visit the website by clicking the banner below. Enjoy hundreds of other exiting queening stories along with this one. Finest femdom facesitting action is just one click away!

Queening slave watching his wife blowing another male

It might be surprise for you but queening can be successfully used during cuckold humiliation action. Just like in the gallery from Mean Bitches where pretty MILF blonde facesitting her husband while sucking off a huge cock. I hope you'll like the pictures as much as I did!

Cuckold husbands are really twisted persons. Getting hard while watching someone's doing your wife (or girlfriend) is a really kinky thing to do. I've seen a lot of femdom stories where submissive males were inviting complete strangers to the house and allowing them to fuck their woman!

But some of these boys go even further in their humiliation addiction. Today's slave is willing to be smothered by his wife while she is blowing some stud's cock! The best thing I like about this queening episode is that the female is really beautiful! She is not like other perverted fat and ugly sluts. She is a real hottie with a pretty face, great body and amazing breasts. Allowing someone else to fuck a woman like this is a complete perversion.

As you can see on the preview pictures, lady is undressed and the only thing that she has on is a pair of black nylons and a suspender. Watching naked mature pantyhose lady like this is a real pleasure.

The husband is lying on the floor and got his face smashed with queening pussy. Blonde babe seems to be really exited with the chance to suck a really huge cock. He husband's dick is much smaller so we can also treat this episode as small penis humiliation.

Three sample pictures in this post are fine but there are much more to see on this queening story. Mean Bitches has the full version of episode where you can watch a movie or browse picture gallery. Use banner below to be taken there and see what happened next:

Maybe you would love to see also a shameless wife sucking cock during gang sex.

Helplessly bound male got queening lady ssitting on his face

You've probably have seen Sativa Rose in a couple of straight movies, but she is good at femdom and facesitting too. Just look at her doing bad things to the helpless male slave in the gallery from Captive Male. Sexy lady not only tying him up, whipping him and fucking deeply in the ass, but smothering with first class queening.

Mistress Rose ties her slave as soon as he takes his clothes off. Bondage ropes put not only around his torso, but also around his cock and balls. Suspended up in the air, stud becomes a perfect target for deep anal strapon insertion. Sativa Rose in happy to service him with that huge rubber cock attached to her hips.

There are more bizarre and painful things were done to the slave in the following 45 minutes (you can see them in the full version of this episode), but let me go straight to the final scene, where femdom queening is done.

Helpless male slave is fully immobilized with rope bondage and lying motionless on the bed. Dominatrix is sitting on top of his face and doing all she can to make this queening experience unforgettable. Sexy lady fidgeting here and there, using slave's nose and tongue as a sex toy. In just a mew minutes she comes starts cumming over and over again and finally squirts all over queening sub face. What a finale!

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Male slave punished with queening by Maitresse Madeline

There are some male slaves that do not want to submit to a woman. It takes a bit more time and effort to turn those miserable worms into silent femdom subs. With a little help of BDSM devices and bondage ties these horny boys are getting dominated and punished for their unwillingness. Just like in the gallery from Divine Bitches where mistress Maitresse Madeline using her experience to turn another boy into queening slave.

The action starts with the sum undressing and simple cock tie. A few weights attached to balls it makes a little more difficult for him to obey dominatrix orders. It turns to be that slave does not work hard enough to satisfy Madeline. There is only one way to work out this problem - to perform queening humiliation.

Maitresse Madeline locks her slave in the BDSM rack and puts his cock into bizarre wooden stocks. It fits perfectly for crushing punishment. Just take a look at the lovely female feet in high heel shoe crushing sensual balls! Unable to move his body, poor sub has nothing to do but suffer pain.

You need flash to see this movie.

A few minutes later starts the queening action. Maintrsse riding her femdom slave face with her cunt. It seems to me that exposed male really enjoy a smelly pussy over his mouth. You can clearly see his tongue goes deep in her vagina! Kinky!

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